Our API is now available.

We charge a low monthly fee for using our API. The fee is based on your traffic to us.

Basic information

Address: https://ihub.fun/api.php?partner=nnnnnn

Optional parameters,

edit: URL for image to edit
save: Post saved image to URL
cancel: Send user to URL if user cancels

Remember that you have to enable CORS for our domain (https://ihub.fun) for your URL where we post saved images and also for the images you host which you want to be editable via our service. If you need help we can assist you.

You can customize most settings. If you want to customize something that we have not added support for yet, we might be able to modify our service for a low cost. Currently you may customize the title, work space dimensions, max dimensions for saved image, quality for saved image, your logotype och default image. This service is available in English only.

More information

Please contact us for more information and detailed pricing information.