About this service

iHub is a photo editing tool, runned in your local web browser. iHub works in all modern browsers, but best on wider screens.

This service is based on open source projects and free services (Fabric.js, TOAST UI ImageEditor, Mcx Dialog, Pixabay, JPEG-format, PNG-format, etc) which has been utilized, modified, optimized and customized. We would like to thank all people that have contributed with code.

Personal data, privacy and cookies

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is a European legislation to protect the privacy and personal information of individuals living in the European Union. As a European company we follow GDPR. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

You have the right to receive the data we have registered about you. If it is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request that the data be corrected or removed. Please contact us by email in that case.

We automatically receive and save information on our server from your browser, such as your IP address and the page you request. We will also save information when you leave our service, save, open or create an image or when you apply a filter/effect. We will never access, retrieve or store the actual image you work with. We use the collected information for handling your requests for our services, research, improving our services and tracking misbehavior. When using Google Webfonts your request and IP-address will be sent to Google's servers, which might be located outside EU.

We do not use any cookies for tracking. Some cookies are used to remember user choices, like choosen image quality and for navigation help.

About us

This service is provided by Internetservice i Väst AB

You may contact us at info@internetservice.se

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